3 places you should see this summer in Romania

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Dinosaurs Geopark (Țara Hațegului)

A term that seems more fictional than real, this Geopark, which is for dinosaurs, is in Romania, in the foothills Retezat, Hunedoara County. In fact, it is a natural park that is part of a Global Geopark Network (UNESCO), and its space hosts a variety of objectives. From eggs of dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, to the ruins of mystical castles, Roman and Dacian fortress and old churches, Haţeg is ideal for both children and parents or grandparents. If you feel venturesome in exploring the region by yourself, choose the date of July 23 to 26 to visit Hateg, when it will celebrate the Dinosaurs Festival with numerous scientific events, combined with the cultural and artistic activities, that will introduce you to the old story of this place and will convince you that it is a magical land.

biserica_densusAlso, throughout the year, the country’s roads can drive you through the valley of the dinosaurs, in order to visit the Center for Science and Art from Berthelot village, the star Magyarosaurus Dacus- largest dwarf dinosaur in the world who traveled across Europe to get here; Dinosaurs museum where Zalmoxe is the protector of dinosaur eggs nests, or Densuş, at just 3 km from the famous stone church, is the volcanoes house that teaches you in a non-formal method about Densuş volcanoes.

casa_vulcanilor_hategYou cannot leave without paying a visit to the Haţegan village museum, that will approach you to more present times, just.. 200 years ago. It is the same period when Jules Verne, would have been inspired in his stories by the mysterious Castle of the Carpathians, but for that you need to drive to Colti Fortress and Monastery. If we That’s because I have been craving traveled? All you have to do is get in the car and let go of the key!


 Jurilovca (Delta Dunării)

For those who are thinking about Delta only through its known cities like Sulina or Saint George, please note that many other fishing villages are waiting to be discovered. Such an example is Jurilovca village, which came to our attention after the newest prize as a cultural village of Romania, from the competition of The most beautiful villages Association, in Romania. This impressed by its events, that bring together local and regional community, as well as specific gastronomy, which delights every person that comes to the Danube Delta.


It is an ideal place for fishing, which gathers the largest community in Tulcea. And while gentlemen delights themselves with catching fish, ladies are invited to admire the simplicity of blue colored houses with thatched roof, or they can make a getaway at Razim and Goloviţa lagoons. Gura Portitei is also worth visited, a place that lies between the Danube and the Black Sea. It can be reached by boat and the specially equipped beach, with loungers and umbrellas, it’s ideal for a successful bronze and relaxation combination.


Mocănița (Maramureș)

Lately, Romania began to come to the attention of more and more tourism publications or journalists that promote our full of beauty, natural places. Upon the top of National Geographic, which included Maramures as a recommendation on the list of destinations for 2015, there are no excuses for not getting there and appreciate ourselves, a world preserved its identity throughout time.


Described as one of the best secrets of Europe, Maramures is known especially for wood and traditions that remained untouched by the rush of globalization. The village, with its originality is the key element in visits of the region, it has kept many traditional elements, which can often be found, only in museums. Local events are known as colorful shows, through the beauty of the costumes, but also due to the overflowing, sincere joy of the villagers.


As a tourist, you can attend to traditional celebrations, that will surely impress you with their pure spirit. Among these is Hora of Prislop, which celebrates the connection of the 3 main regions: Moldova, Transylvania and Maramures, with a parade of costumes, various dances and songs, right in the heart of the Carpathians. In September, the return of the sheep from the mountains, is marked by the festival “Sambra Oilor”. Moreover, wooden churches are true works of art, and until recently, one of the tallest wooden church in the world was Barsana Monastery, with the height of 62m. The biggest attraction, remain Vaser Valley and its drive among the mountains, with the steam train, Mocăniţa. I urge you to park your car safely and get on a journey, that will seem like time travelling. This is a historical route, on the railways that transported wood from the heart of the mountains, combined with a unique experience offered by the hospitality staff. The landscape, the wonderful experience in a forest railway trip and all the historical meaning, can be the key to a well deserved getaway to the north of Romania.

Photos: Telegraph.ro | Dragdehateg.ro | Rezervariromania.ro | Infoturism.ro


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