Roadtrip in Romania: Bucharest, Prahova Valley, Transilvania

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Whether you want to have an exciting holiday in Romania or you want to recommend a route to your friends from abroad, the holiday plan below is extremely interesting and comprehensive for a trip to Romania. From a big city to castles, mountains and even a Transylvanian village. All you need is a car, about 3 days or even a week and a big smile on your face. Let’s go!

București – city break

Bucharest is extremely rich for urban travelers, for food lovers, party people but also for those who want to relaxNot to mention the cultural side, Romania’s capital will surprise you at every step, every day. Rent your favorite car from the car rental offices in Bucharest and get ready to go!

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Peleș Castle – Sinaia

Sinaia is just 120 kilometers away from Bucharest and it is perhaps the most beautiful mountain resorts in Romania. After the renovations in the last years, Sinaia surprises you through architecture, landscape, cold and clean air and opportunities to spend your time. Visit Peles Castle complex and take a break at the royal cafe to enjoy the view. Once you’ve relaxed, go behind Pelişor Castle and seek the cobbled path and follow it uphill for an hour hour and a half. This is the royal path once used by kings to reach Stâna Regală, where they held parties, lunches or secret meetings.

Cantacuzino Castle – Bușteni, Zamora

Cantacuzino Castle is just a few minutes drive from Sinaia, in Zamora, Bușteni. With an incredible view over Bucegi mountains and a dreamy restaurant, the castle was renovated and it can be visited with a guide. For a cheaper ticket, you can just visit the yard and garden. It is totaly worth it!


Brasov almost needs no presentation, it’s a beautiful city from any point of view. Whether you see it for the first time or for the tenth, Brasov is an inexhaustible source of tourist attractions, culinary and cultural experiences,  adventure options or simply relaxing. Book at least one day in your itinerary for Brașov.
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Sighisoara is probably the most beautiful medieval town in Romania. With a very compact center, towers, churches, museums, chic restaurants and authentic guest houses, Sighisoara is definitely a must see” in Romania. The most important event is the annual medieval festival which takes place every summer.

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At only 20-30 kilometers away from Sighisoara, you can find Biertan – a wonderful example of Transylvanian village. Do not leave the area without making a stop there, without visiting the church and without slowly walking in the village, though the houses.

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Făgăraș Fortress

After Biertan, go south to the town of Fagaras, in order to visit the Fortress Fagaras. This is one of the best preserved fortresses in Romania and it can be visited (there are museums inside) and on weekends and holidays you can take part in all sorts of festivals.


The most beautiful road in Europe or the most beautiful road in the world. This how most of the tourists call it. It is certainly spectacular and you have to cross the Fagaras mountains at least once in life. Make a stop at Lake Vidraru, at Balea, go up to Poenari city, and if the time allows you, go hiking in Fagaras.

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