Rimetea, perhaps the most beautiful place in Romania

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Located in the foothills of Trascău Mountains, in Alba County, Rimetea is considered by many the most beautiful place in Romania. In 2000, after a process of renovation of the buildings built during the 17th and 19th century, the National Monuments Office has designated the town an architectural and urban protected area.

Now Rimetea looks like something out of a fairytale with traditional old houses, gardens with flowers and haystacks. Because of the location, and rich cultural heritage, Rimetea offers multiple options for leisure and is a perfect destination for holidays.


How to get there?

From Cluj-Napoca, through Turda – 61 km. From Turda the road goes towards Campeni on DN 75 for 20 kilometers and in the locality Buru the road takes a left. After another 8 km you reach Rimetea.

From Cluj-Napoca on the Highway – 86 km.


What can you do in Rimetea?

Hiking and sports

Mountaineering enthusiasts have many routes available to try. The most popular is Secuiului Stone (Piatra Seciului), a trail that runs from the village to the highest point in the area. The trail is marked with a blue cross and lasts one hour and a half. Although the climb is pretty steep it is well worth for the view from the top of the village and the surrounding area.

The area is perfect for those who want to practice rock climbing, here is carried out each year Rimetea Climbing Open competition. Other sports that can be practiced in the area are mountain bike tours and paragliding.


Museums and History

Although the village itself looks like an open air museum, you must make a stop at the Ethnographic Museum which is located in the City Hall. Spread over 5 rooms, the museum heritage includes traditional ports, vessels, furniture painted copies of the region etc. Right after you should make a visit to the water mill dating from 1752 where you can see different tools and utensils used for milling and “iron bread” (a specific ore zone). The water mill is in a courtyard on the trail leading to Seciului Stone and the entry is free.


Things to see around Rimetea

Trascăului or Colţeşti Fortress

In the vicinity of the town Colţeşti you can visit the fortress with the same name. Built on a hill in 1296 for purposes of defense after the Tartar invasion, now is in ruins but offers a beautiful panoramic view of the whole area. It can be reached by car up to the base of the hill and then a short walk of about 30 minutes. The road is indicated by a headboard.


Râmeţului Gorges

At about 50 km from Rimeteaon the Rimetea-Aiud-Teius-Rimeti, you can trek Râmeţului Gorges. The trail follows the river bed through the limestone cliffs and the water sometimes exceeds the knees. The trail is moderate in difficulty and needs attention.


Accommodation in Rimetea

Rimetea offers numerous accommodation facilities from the ones that offer half board to hostels in traditional style, with prices ranging between 10 and 30 Euro / person / night. The food is Hungarian cuisine, but there are also European dishes.

For hikers there are two stores right in the village center where one can buy food, water and other necessities.

Whether you want peace and relaxation or want to trek the surroundings, Rimetea is a destination that you should not miss.

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