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Soon in Bucharest: George Enescu Festival 2015

The XXII edition of the George Enescu International Festival will start on August 30 2015 and will run until September 20, 2015 at the Palace Hall in Bucharest and Romanian Athenaeum. The festival will feature 58 concerts in halls and outdoors, at the “Festival Square” and “Creative Bucharest “. The most important orchestras in the…


3 places you should see this summer in Romania

Dinosaurs Geopark (Țara Hațegului) A term that seems more fictional than real, this Geopark, which is for dinosaurs, is in Romania, in the foothills Retezat, Hunedoara County. In fact, it is a natural park that is part of a Global Geopark Network (UNESCO), and its space hosts a variety of objectives. From eggs of dinosaurs,…

festivaluri romania 2015

Festivals in Romania: summer 2015

Either you want to get to the capital for an international concert, or get the latest tickets for a festival in another corner of the country, it is obvious that 2015 is not a year to stay home. Speaking of events, Romania has prepared for this summer an entire list of one of the most…

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The most beautiful roads in Romania

Romania has many beautiful places to see, amazing food to taste and friendly people to meet. But what’s interesting is that most of the roads connecting all those things are indeed picturesque. Going along authentic villages, fields with flowers, mountains, animals, people working, the Romanian roads are worth driving on. Even though Romania does not…

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Where will your rental car take you?

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