Driving in Romania

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We all want our holidays to be smoothly, with a lot of good weather and memorable experiences.  But often, we start the trip without too much information and consciousness of a stay in a foreign country, which operates on a different system and rules, usually based on the culture of that country. Driving is part of this system, and if you plan on traveling through Romania by car, this is some of what you should consider:

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Starting with the basic obligations of a driver, which does not have to change: ensuring that the machine is in perfect working order and the equipment is attached: safety belt fastened and the special child seat for those under 12 years. It must be the drivers care to inform the passengers about this.

Talking about the roads, they sometimes can be challenging for tourists who come to Romania. The most important road network in Romania remains the national roads as it is the most important linking of our major cities. They generally have between 4 or 2 lanes and the speed limit is of 100km / h. It is recommended to pay attention to sudden maneuvers of the Romanian drivers, because of their attempt to avoid obstacles on roads, especially in the rural areas.  However, the maximum speed limit in villages and towns should not exceed 50 km / h, giving numerous fines for speeding. You can also get a fine for driving without having paid the road tax sticker – Rovinieta; it can be purchased at the border or at gas stations.

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The crossroads deserve a further mention which sometimes happen to be improperly signalized. It is good to pay extra attention to the other drivers and the traffic. In case of simpler accidents without victims, it can be solved in amicable understanding between the drivers or reporting the accident directly to a police station.

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Also, the weather is an important factor when it comes to driving in a foreign country. Winter in Romania is quite problematic and requires additional equipment of the car, but also a challenge for drivers in terms of their ability to drive. It is important to keep a considerable distance from the rest of the cars and to have a speed adjustment. This is also recommended in heavy rain or bad weather conditions, as it may cause a reduced visibility. Another tip is to use the lights even during the day.

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